Continuous professional development and train-the-trainer workshop for tutors and clinical instructors in federal states of somalia

In a concerted effort to elevate the standards of midwifery education and ensure the provision of high-quality maternal healthcare services across the Federal States of Somalia, a transformative initiative recently took center stage. The Continuous Professional Development and Train-the-Trainer Workshop for Tutors and Clinical Instructors marked a pivotal moment in advancing the field of midwifery education and fostering the professional growth of educators within the region.

As the Continuous Professional Development and Train-the-Trainer Workshop drew to a close, participants departed with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to excellence in midwifery education. Armed with new insights, skills, and connections, educators are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of maternal healthcare in the Federal States of Somalia.

In conclusion, the workshop served as a testament to the dedication, collaboration, and passion of educators in advancing midwifery education and improving maternal health outcomes. As we look ahead, let us continue to work together towards a future where every mother receives the highest quality of care, and every midwife is empowered to make a difference in the lives of women and families across Somalia.

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