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Since 2012, Somalia Midwives Association (SOMA) has united midwives across various regions in Somalia to network and share experiences in pursuit of SOMA’s vision and mission. Our Midwife members (MM) enjoy exclusive benefits, such as professional development, networking opportunities, and support for leadership and governance. We empower our members to advocate for women’s health and rights while also promoting their engagement in humanitarian preparedness and response efforts.


Somalia Midwives Association (SOMA) is a leading professional association dedicated to advancing the field of midwifery in Somalia. Founded with a commitment to excellence, SOMA serves as a unifying platform for Somali midwives, fostering collaboration, education, and advocacy to elevate the standards of maternal and newborn care.
Positive impact on the health and well-being of women and families across Somalia.
Unlock a wealth of exclusive benefits by becoming a member of SOMA. Gain access to professional development opportunities, valuable networking connections, leadership prospects, advocacy support, funding assistance, and more. Explore how these benefits can enhance your knowledge and advance your midwifery career.
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